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Alan "Lord Hagos" Haggarty

Front Of House engineer.

I started engineering in 1985 really. I was playing bass in a cabaret band up in Scotland and we had our own small PA. We didn't always take an engineer out with us, so the desk was often on stage and it soon became my job to mix and play simultaneously. I moved down to London in 1987 and after working in Hi-Fi retail for about a year, managed to get a job as in-house engineer at The Sir George Robey in Finsbury Park. I met a few bands through doing this and became a member of the infamous Club Dog crew. 

One of the bands I met was Senser, a 6-piece Psychedelic/Rock/Dance collective whom I joined as programmer. As well as mixing them live, running and live-arranging 10 channels of programming from FOH, I went on to co-write, produce, program and mix their first album Stacked Up, which charted at Number 4 in the network chart (which I wasn't even slightly suspecting might happen). For the next 10 or so years I did a bit more producing and remixing, a bit of playing (I played bass for Sleeping Dogs Wake, Lodestar and Ozric Tentacles) and a lot of FOH too. But after a while I realised that I just wasn't enjoying the producing side of things much. So I stopped pursuing it. I still play, program and mix at home, but FOH is what I've always enjoyed doing most -I think it may be what I'm naturally best at too- so it's been my main focus for the last couple of decades. I do find that the little bit of studio experience I have comes in very handy these days though: As PA systems are becoming more and more accurate, it's becoming a lot like mixing on a pair of good studio main monitors.




2011 - Present


2007 - 2019

Kate's first album "Made Of Bricks" charted at number 1 in the UK album chart in 2007 and I was hired to mix her live shows shortly after. I have continued to do so, on and off, ever since. She mixes Bubblegum Pop and Punk Rock to create exciting, crowd-engaging shows full of charisma, energy and drama.


2007 - Present

Tunng blend post-Rave, glitchy, Electronica and traditional British Folk music, often with a dark and deliberately unnerving twist. Their live shows are at times delicate and intimate and other times rowdy and bombastic.


1991 - 2005

Senser came to prominence in 1994 when their album 'Stacked Up' (which I produced, programmed and mixed) entered the UK charts at number 4. They were amongst the first bands to blend Hip-Hop, Rock/Metal and Electronica. Their shows are intense, political and built on a sonic grand scale.


2006 - 2012

Marianne's career now stretches over half a decade and twenty-five album releases. Her constantly changing band is always made up of musicians of the highest calibre, almost always featuring grand piano and woodwind ensemble. With a voice that has been compared to a broken loudspeaker, no-one delivers a song like Marianne can.


2007 - Present

Best known as an A-list Hollywood actor, director & producer, Tim was raised in an environment filled with the love of music. His father managed the Gaslight Cafe and was a member of The Highwaymen. His concerts are always extremely dramatic and energetic and cover all points from Folk, and Jazz to Rock & Roll.



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